Christmas Special - Mānuka Honey + Honeycomb Combo

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Give the gift of honey. Coupling our exciting new product of Wildflower Honeycomb with our best-selling favourite 125+ MGO Mānuka honey to make a generous gift for your loved ones. 


Straight from our beautiful, untouched bush in Manunui, our pure Mānuka 125+ MGO honey is a treasure.  Mānuka honey is one of the most special and beneficial forms of honey ever discovered.

A limited amount of our Mānuka honey was carefully hand extracted and bottled in the late 2020 Summer.  Raw, with no commercial processing or heat treatment, all the natural goodness has been preserved for your enjoyment. 

Our Mānuka honey has been independently tested and certified for its levels of Methylglyoxal and other unique properties ensuring purity and quality. 


Get a good buzz when you enjoy our honey in its most natural form, comb honey. 

Our honey bees forage freely in wide open spaces on wildflowers, producing this all natural honeycomb untouched by human hands just as mother nature intended.

Our honeycomb arrives in its own wooden frame, carefully packaged to ensure no damage.